Quarantine Products I've Been Loving!

Kristina Borsello 
Makeup Artist and co-owner of The Beauty Bar by Kristina Ruggerio.

Hi guys! Welcome to my first every blog post! I hope you all are staying healthy during this unknown and really scary time. I know it’s been a rollercoaster and will continue to be one for some time, but we are hoping to get back to some sort of normal while keeping everyone healthy soon!


Wow guys, this stuff is magical! I look forward to putting this rich lotion on my whole body after a shower because of its moisturizing benefits to the skin and the beautiful scent that really lifts me into a relaxed and good mood. During quarantine my family and I have spent so much time outside which results in my skin getting more dry due to the sun--but this brings my skin back to life! 


Speaking of the sun, we NEED it during this dark, terrifying time, but we still have to protect our skin. I've been loving the PCA Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45. This guy gives me a really nice sheer coverage, is lightweight and water resistant. Even though I'm not seeing anyone right now so i don't really care about doing my makeup, it’s still nice to throw something on that adapts to your skin tone and gives you a little glow without being "makeup". Plus it protects the skin like crazy with an antioxidant boost and it was awarded The Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation!


I love using this on all of my kiddos! It makes me feel good that I'm using a product to protect their skin that uses 70% organic ingredients. Vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, paraben-free and reef friendly. I use the scent guava mango and it seriously smells decadent.


I’ve been rubbing lavender oil on my hands with lotion and letting my baby smell it before bedtime. It has really helped both of us to relax. I get mine at a local market near us in DE that is 100% pure lavender oil. I have also been growing lavender in my garden and cutting bundles of this and putting in a vase near an area where I sit and it smells so good, looks pretty, and is so relaxing.


OMG need I say more?! I bought the Cuisinart toaster oven/air fryer all in one and it is incredible. This guy makes crispy AND juicy chicken within a matter of 7-10 mins. How nuts?! throw on a yummy marinade, toss it in on the correct temp. and boom you've got some amazing chicken. In addition, with all this spare time I've had I've been dabbling in things like fried pickles, fresh cut potato fries, salmon, etc. Honestly anything you want to cook in there will come out amazing.


I fell in love with this stuff back when we opened the salon in June of 2019. One of your stylists blow dried my hair with it and I was like, “wait what?” Not to mention it lasts up to 3-6 shampoos! All you have to do is apply it to wet hair and activate it by blow drying. And just like that you'll have magically smooth, non-frizzy hair! Since we don't have our hands on our hairdressers right now, (or vice versa, lol) we'll take what we can get during these times to make ourselves feel somewhat like we've got our sh*t together.


This is your secret weapon to achieving what I said above... looking like you actually have your sh*t together! YAS!


Get your hands on some yeast and make yourself a fresh loaf of bread. It will make you question why you've been buying pre-made bread all these years. Plus your house will smell amazing and everyone in your house will love you a lot LOL. We've been doing this weekly because, well, carbs!


This is a HARD time; no work, no solid answers and fear of the unknown. But focusing on what I love, like my family, cooking, baking, and diving in deep with products during this time has really helped get me through. I hope this was helpful and is a reminder to pamper yourself a little more if you haven't already, it might help! Stay tuned for more blog posts! 

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