Kristina's Brush Guide

A Makeup Artist's Secret Weapons  

By Kristina Borsello 

Let’s talk BRUSHES! The secret little weapons behind perfect  and effortless looking makeup. Who doesn't want that?! I tell all my clients, if you invest in all this amazing and sometimes expensive makeup, but you don't have or aren't using the right tools, it will NOT come out the way you want it to! Brushes are an investment but they will last you a very long time if cared for properly. To clean them at home we recommend using our Parian Spirits Brush Cleaner that dries almost instantly.

So have fun guys! Remember, a great artist most likely didn't use just one or two brushes! It takes many to create the art on your face!

Foundation Brush 175

Even though this has always been the staple foundation brush since the beginning of makeup, I use this to blend out my concealer and it works like a dream! To do so, I start by patting out the concealer, as it keeps the true pigment and brightness of the concealer (rather than warming it up and altering the pigment by oxidizing it with your fingers). This is one of my main reasons for not using my fingers, along with not wanting to get them dirty, LOL. I pat and blend my way outward and downward to really create that "highlighted" and bright look under the eyes and the center of the face. Love this brush to pieces!

Eye Primer Brush 120

I honestly don't like getting my fingers dirty with makeup unless I have to. This applies the primer nice and even to prep the lid for all the shadows you're going to apply.

Blush/Highlighter Brush

I mean this is a no brainer. First, you get a perfectly tapered blush brush—I’m super picky about the size of my brushes and this one is sized perfectly to apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and into the cheekbones. Then, you have your dome shaped tapered highlight brush to add the icing on the cake, your highlight! (My personal favorite step of makeup)

Eye Fluff Brush 282

Umm this guy is a must must must have! This is your tool for applying crease/transition shadows effortlessly. It fits into the crease just right to apply the perfect amount to the perfect area. This will also be your blender brush to buff away any harsh lines in your eyeshadow look. One of my BFF brushes for sure!

Detailing Brush 229

THIS GUY is a must! This will be your best friend when it comes to fixing details or blending out a small mistake. My favorite way to use it is for buffing out my top liner. I love applying a thin black line on the outer half of my eyelid and using this to blend and buff out the harsh line to make it appear more smokey. I also use it to buff out bottom liner to make the bottom appear more smokey as well. This brush is perfectly sized and fits in these areas perfectly.

Big Shader/Under Eye Setting Brush 279

This brush seems like it would be unnecessary, but its 1000% necessary! You want to keep this as your under-eye setting brush and use it for that only--you don't want to use any other brush for this step! Dip this brush into your loose setting powder and apply under the eyes and/or where you put your concealer to lock it in place and ensure that nothing budges throughout the day.

Brow Brush 213

This is a textured brush made from badger hair. It picks up brow pomade or brow powder perfectly and does all the hard work for you! It’s my favorite brow brush ever.

Large Powder Brush 173

The fluffiest fluff of them all! This brush is fantastic for setting the whole face with loose or pressed powder. There is no way you won't love it!

Oval Eye Blender Brush 222

This gets your lid color packed on there so that it appears pigmented and precise!

KRC Beauty Sponge

I love this little egg! First dampen the sponge with water and then squeeze it all out. You can use this as a foundation applicator, to blend out your concealer or any cream products! I like to use this damp after I've applied my foundation to pick up any excess foundation that you don't want caked up on your face, as well with under the eyes. 

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